How It’s Made

Rocky Mountain Hardware has developed their process by studying and incorporating the old-world techniques of casting molten bronze into beautiful and timeless pieces. Every elements that is produced sees at least 30 hands, and is navigated along an extensive 20 step process. This process begins here- right on these boards- where skilled sculptures work to create template boards for sand casting, or wax molds for investment casting.

Sand Casting

Using a specific blend of sand, castings are created by placing a wax template board under a mold. Sand is then poured into the mold, and heavily compacted into a brick; leaving behind a perfect indentation of the original wax template. A mirror brick is then created- forming a two brick compound to house the molten bronze. 2200 degree bronze is poured into the cavities of the sand- giving life to a new hardware element.   

Lost-Wax Casting

For the designs that envelope continuously around the piece, a technique called lost-wax casting is used; otherwise known as investment casting. This laborious and intricate process requires emmence amounts of time to complete one mold. Molds start out as carved wax that get dipped into a ceramic slurry multiple times to form a ceramic shell. After this process is complete, the molds are fired in a kiln where the wax is then burnt out or “lost”, leaving behind a perfect shell of the original carving. After cooling, molten bronze is poured into the molds and left to set. After the bronze has cooled and set, the ceramic mold is broken to retrieve the raw and freshly-sculpted piece. 

See For Yourself